LiverFibro Scan

From time to time we may refer you to the Community LiverFibroscan service run bay Mid Hampshire Healthcare if you meet the eligibility criteria

Service Eligibility

  • All patients aged between 16 year and 85 years with…
  • BMI of over 35
  • Patients who are consuming in excess of >50 units per week for men and >35 units per week for women
  • Type 2 Diabetic patients with BMI >35 
  • Type 2 Diabetic patients with a BMI <35 AND a FIB4 reading between 1.30 – 3.25

Service exclusion

  • Patients outside of the Mid Hampshire locality
  • Patients under 16 or over 85 years old
  • Patients on a palliative care register

During the appointment, the Nurse will scan the liver with a Fibroscan machine, this is a non-invasive test that has high sensitivity for identifying patients with liver scarring (fibrosis) as well as providing real time results. After analysing the results, patient’s will be offered preventative measures such as, lifestyle advice,  guidance, and information on local support to self-manage. Some may be referred on for further investigations to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital Gastroenterlogy team.

A patient information leaflet can be found here