Ear Syringing

The Practice offers Ear Syringing to all patients.  Prior to booking an appointment we ask that you first try to self treat with olive oil drops for 2-3 weeks as syringing may cause Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and very occasionally perforation of the ear drum. It is very important to prepare your ears thoroughly prior to syringing to reduce the risks of complications.

Preparation: Lay on your side with the infected ear uppermost.  drop 5 drops of oil (at room temperature) into the ear canal.  Stay lying down for 5 minutes then wipe away any excess oil.  Do not put cotton wool in your ears.

Repeat the procedure with the other ear if required.

Repeat this procedure morning and evening at least 5 days prior to syringing.

Before seeing the Nurse you will need to complete a consent form which is obtainable from the Reception of the Surgery on the day of your appointment.

For further information please see the NHS Choices link here.