Increasing our GP numbers

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It fills me with great pleasure to be able to announce that our locum Dr Murli Thiyagarajan has decided to commit to a permanent employment offer here at AMC. He starts his new role with us today and is set to work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Murli had gone down very well with patients and staff at the practice so we are delighted to have him onboard.

The practice is growing in size due to its current reputation and form. We are keen to keep abreast with clinical staff to patient number ratios and have decided to increase GP capacity in order to ease routine appointment waiting times further.

In order to balance workload fairly across all list holding GPs, we will have to reallocate some patients to Dr Thiyagarajan in the coming days. We will directly communicate with those patients who are being transferred to his care. As not to discriminate this will simply be based on surname/alphabetical. We would ask that due to our busy phone lines patients do not call us requesting to move back to their previous named GP. We have no doubt that you will get along with Dr Thiyagarajan very well but if you feel strongly you are welcome to put a request in writing. Please be aware that this cannot be guaranteed.

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