2021 Patient Satisfaction Survey results

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We were pleased to receive many responses (769) to our 2021 Patient Satisfaction Survey. We really do value your opinion and constructive feedback like this helps us identify and prioritise areas for improvement that we may not be unaware of. We were generally pleased with the positive responses that we received but we also note that there is still some way to go, in our strive for excellence.


In Summary

  • 90.5% of patients scored the Overall Practice rating as 7+
  • 94.9% of patients scored the Clinical Care rating as 7+
  • 87.9% of patients scored the Admin and Reception functions rating as 7+
  • 90.3% of patients scored the Repeat Prescription process rating as 7+
  • Although only 35% stated they had seen a positive change since October 2020, when we filtered by those who had used the service within the last 4 months this rose to 82%.

The positive themes that came out from the survey comment boxes were

  • Quicker routine appointment waits
  • The premises refurb has made the practice feel more attractive, cleaner and safer
  • The website is simple to use, informative and visually appealing
  • The practice has managed COVID safety precautions well
  • Better patient communication and engagement. (newsletter, proactive Long Term Condition reviews, appointment reminders)

Areas for improvement that came out of the survey comment boxes were

  • Insufficient parking
  • Long queuing waits to get through on the phone
  • Patients wanting to book more appointments online.
  • Harder to get face to face appointments during COVID

We intend to write an action plan over the coming weeks on how we can address the above and will be in touch again soon with our response.

Many thanks to those who participated in our survey