Minor Surgery / Joint Injections

At AMC, we offer a minor surgery clinic monthly and a joint injection clinic every week.

If you feel you require a steroid joint injection then please request this via an online eConsult submission.

Whilst on the eConsult home page, click adult health problems and then use the search box to describe your problem (wrist, elbow, knee, etc) and this will take you to the correct form to fill out. If you’re unable to submit online please contact our reception team on 01264 351144 and ask for an assessment with our specialist MSK physiotherapist.

You can not directly book into a minor surgery clinic without a pre assessment, this is to ensure it is safe for you to go ahead. The joint injection clinics are provided by Clare Bolam (ANP) and Alexa Pohl (MSK Physio).


We also hold a minor surgery clinic once a month, this service is run by Clare Bolam, one of our Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP). Appointments can be offered after discussion with your GP or by submitting an eConsult with photos included.

Please be aware that the NHS no longer funds minor surgery for benign skin lesions or for purely cosmetic purposes. The skin lesions that we can remove need to be causing a degree of symptoms to be able to be considered for this service.