AMC has a Surgery Pod

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The Practice now has a Surgery Pod that can be used by patients without clinical supervision to perform tests and to obtain health information from you, that will be transferred directly in to your NHS patient medical record. The Surgery Pod is a multilingual touchscreen computer that is connected to digital scales and a blood pressure monitor. 

You can use the Surgery Pod to

  • Measure your blood pressure,
  • Calculate your height, weight, BMI
  • Contraception pill check
  • Annual Asthma LTC review
  • Epilepsy review
  • New patient health check questionnaire
  • Anxiety questionnaire
  • Diet/ lifestyle questionnaire
  • Smoking heath questionnaire
  • Alcohol heath questionnaire

The Surgery Pod is located in a confidential consulting room near to reception. You do not need to book an appointment in advance although you do need to report to reception prior to using so we can review your results are safe before you leave the practice.

When using the Pod please follow the instructions that are provided in the booth – If you get stuck, please speak with a receptionist who will be able to assist.

From time to time we may send SMS text message invites to patients who need closer monitoring for whatever reason and we may direct them to the Surgery Pod rather than a clinician.