Farewell Dr Victoria Peck

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It is with much sadness that we need to inform you that Dr Victoria Peck will be leaving the practice mid July. Dr Pecks husband has been promoted but the new job is not local so the family are relocating. We wish them well and happiness.

We are actively signing up a new doctor as we speak and we hope to be able to introduce her to you all very soon. Dr Pecks registered patients will transferring to the new GPs care. There may be a months gap between departure and start but your care will not be compromised in anyway. Please do not book an appointment with Dr Peck to say goodbye, there must be a genuine clinical reason.

We are creating a farewell messages book for Dr Peck. If you wish to add a comment please feel free to complete this short survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/R6MD369