Flu Vaccination Programme

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Dear Patient

Are you eligible to receive a Free NHS seasonal influenza vaccine this year? TRY OUR ELIGBILITY CHECKER TO FIND OUT

If you are eligible, we as your medical advisers strongly encourage that you uptake as you have been deemed At Risk and we wish to prevent serious illnesses. Don’t put this off, book your appointment with us now.

You can book online 24/7 via the NHSApp or Patient Access online. Alternatively you can contact the Practice on 01264 351144 whilst we are open.

We are holding many clinics at different times to meet your convenience. Some weekday mornings and some weekend days.

Should you wish to read up on the influenza vaccine. The importance of it, possible side effects, the ingredients etc please visit the NHS CHOICES website for Flu vaccines.

The vaccination programme usually runs from September through to March. That said this year there have been major delays in the delivery of our stock, which is a national issue, so we will not be commencing until October 2021. Here is why https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58442611

Don’t chance it, Stay safe, Book today